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The End of the Kamado

TombstoneHave you ever held a cookie in milk for too long, and suddenly, half of it breaks away and turns into sludge at the bottom of your glass?

Well, that’s pretty much what happened to my big blue Kamado. Except instead of yummy wet cookie sludge, we were left with brittle, gray dust. Probably delicious dust, but we didn’t try any.

We’re doing a little construction here at Blue State BBQ, and the Kamado had to be moved. One push, and the whole thing split horizontally, as the bottom half had rotted away.  I suppose I thought these ceramic cookers would last forever, but that’s obviously not the case.

The bad news is, our dinner guests tomorrow are going to be subjected stovetop salmon. And honestly, that’s not such bad news, given we make a mean salmon here, even indoors. The great news is, I have my eye on a new ceramic cooker.  Let me know if you know anything about this particular brand, btw. Hopefully, this one will last longer.

Good bye old Kamado, and thanks for all the calories.


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