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Homer once said "All your problems can be found at the bottom of a beer can."  (Simpson, that is).

Homer once said “All your problems can be found at the bottom of a beer can.” (Simpson, that is).

There’s a story cooking out there about barbecue costing more than ever, and could put a downer on July 4th festivities.

“As of May, meat prices were up 0.6% over year ago, led by a 5.6% gain in  chicken, according to government data. Ground beef prices are up 1.1% and are at  record levels in inflated adjusted terms, according to Richard Voipe, an  economist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.”

Well, listen up, Agriculture man! There is a simple solution. Two words: Generic Beer.

That’s right, at $3 a six-pack, you can drink this fresh, tinny brew all night, for a fraction of the cost of those micro-brews that fill the grocery coolers these days.   Mmmm!

Now, pick up the phone and reserve your pork butts, folks.



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Whiskey Jack ribs at St. Clouds restaurant.

Whiskey Jack ribs at St. Clouds restaurant.

I’ve written about St. Clouds before — our awesome neighborhood restaurant.

Well, the good folks at St. Clouds humored me, and gave my barbecue sauce a test.  Here’s how it looked on their ribs, which are served on top of a big pile of greens.

This is the first time my sauce left my own kitchen, and it was pretty intense having actual chefs and professional restaurant people giving it the once over.  While it’s possible the team at St. Clouds was just being nice, they did seem to really like it.

I got at least one “that’s awesome sauce,” so here’s to hoping it wasn’t just a case of the customer always being right.

Thanks St. Clouds!

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