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Don’t worry, I’ll eat it.

The first time I tried to smoke a turkey, I ran into a snag. I cooked a nasty tasting, freezer burned, paste-gray bird. We only had to take a few bites, then we threw the whole thing away.  Blech. But I’ve been wanting to try again ever since.

This time, I did everything right. I got a small, fresh, locally grown turkey. I used a mix of applewood and mesquite to create a super smoky oven that you could smell from a block away. I lightly coated my turkey with a simple rub of salt, pepper, paprika and a few other things.  Then I cooked it at an even 225 degrees for roughly 35 minutes per pound.  It was all by the book.



It was fine. I’ll have a few turkey sandwiches, and I might make a soup or chili out of it.  But honestly, I don’t think it’s worth 8 hours of my time to make a turkey this way. It’s really not better than a paper bag roasted turkey out of the oven, in my humble opinion. 

BTW: Applewood smells really great when smoking.

If I’m going to spend that much time cooking something, it should be fantastic. This was ok, but certainly a long, long way from fantastic.  If any readers have a trick to amazing turkey, let me know. Otherwise, I’m going to suggest folks use those 8 hours to cook something else.


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  This poll was on the msn.com home page today.  14%?  COME ON PEOPLE.

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Saw this a Lowe’s today. I’m pretty sure one of them whispered “ex-ter-min-ate.”

Not as evil as an army of Daleks.

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The last pork butt I cooked turned out quite nice! Here it is fresh off the cooker.  Click the image for a closer look.

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