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Topped with slaw, Show-Me, and a chunk of Kosher dill pickle.

In the wake of discovering our loyal Australian following, the Blue State BBQ took on the only different looking Australian barbecue recipe we could find: Australian hamburgers.

What made it interesting: Beets.

But first a disclaimer. I have absolutely no idea if anybody in Australia would say this recipe has anything to do with Australia. For all I know, Australia in this case refers to a nice lady in Brazil who was named Australia by her eccentric parents. So, if you’re from Australia, please do chime in.

What I do know is that the Australian BBQ Society also had a recipe for burgers with beets. So, I’m not just making this stuff up.

I’m going to keep the story short. I roasted some beets, mashed them up, and mixed them into the ground beef for my sliders. The result was surprisingly good. Even my daughters ate them, so it might qualify as a simple way to get some beets into your kids. But I’m not sure it was, “wow, I totally have to do that again,” good.

What I did love was the very creepy, blood red appearance of the burgers, and the equally disturbing “Dexter” like drainage on the plate.  Without question, beet burgers will be happening next Halloween.


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Hello Australia!

Top 10 sources of Blue State BBQ traffic.

When I was a lot younger, my oldest sister went to Australia, and brought me a boomerang as a souvenir.  I loved it, but could never make it work. I’d throw it, and it would just flip forward a few yards, then get stuck in the grass.

I was reminded of this when looking at some data for the Blue State BBQ last week. After the expected USA, UK, Canada, it turns out that Australia is next largest source of our readership. 

So, HELLO Australia! But, now I have a question. I wonder if Australia has its own approach to barbecue?

I’ve spent some time – and by that, I mean about 12 minutes — looking around the Web trying to find some definition for “Australian Barbecue.”   Nothing.  I dropped an email to the Australian Barbeque Society, but I haven’t heard back. I even sent a note to my one Australian Facebook friend who lives in Perth, but no response.

 So, again, my boomerang appears to be stuck in the grass.

 Is there Australian version of barbecue?  I very sincerely would like to know, and then try it.  So, Australia, drop me an email!

Meanwhile, I did find this once recipe for “Australian Burgers” that includes beets!  Sounds awesome, so I’ll be trying that soon.

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Behold BBQ Nachos

Why didn't I think of this?

Took yet another trip to the Boneyard Bistro, and Mrs. Blue State Barbecue couldn’t resist this item on the menu. Big, solid pieces of slow cooked pork … on chips! But of course! I must re-create this at home.

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