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Spotted on top of Seattle's Pike Place Market.

Once, Mrs. Blue State BBQ literally put coal in our stocking (and several large bags of it under the tree). Now that’s a Christmas present!

Anyway, I’m cooking another country ham tomorrow. Wish me luck. But I noticed that the busiest part of the Blue State Barbecue isn’t ham or turkey, but rather, my recipes for BBQ Duck and Honey Ginger Duck.  I have to say, that sounds like a pretty good idea.

If you’re cooking duck, remember to get started early, and let us know how it turns out!

Happy cooking,and happy holidays.


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Kamado Corporation gets an "F" grade from the Better Business Bureau.

I’ve had a Kamado (from  Kamado.com) for almost seven years, and while it’s been a great piece of equipment for me, the horror stories about this particular company just keep coming.

Keep in mind, “Kamado” is a type of cooker, and not synonymous with Kamado.com.  But that is where I purchased mine, where a handful of other people I know purchased theirs and where, increasingly, other people have tried to purchase one only to run into a whole drip pan full of trouble.

There’s actually an entire forum dedicated to stories about how unreliable and deceitful the Kamado company can be.  Yeesh. Here’s a friend of mine talking about his experience:

So, while I have made tons of great barbecue on my Kamado from that supplier, I just can’t recommend them anymore. There are just so many angry testimonials you can hear before suggesting there are other ceramic cookers to choose from.

Here are a few places to look.

Big Green Egg

Komodo Kamado

Primo Grill

Grill Dome

…. And I’m sure there are others. Send me links, and I’ll add them.

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Cut an "x" in the nut, to let the hot air out. Roast until done.

Half the family loves roasted chestnuts. Half the family thinks they taste like words that we don’t like to use on the Blue State Barbecue.  What we can all agree on is that Nat King Cole definitely owns this song:

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting…)


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